Mr. Patrae Rowe

Patrae Rowe

Mr. Patrae Rowe is a Detective Sergeant in the Jamaica Constabulary Force and currently serves as the Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation.

Each waking moment of Detective Sergeant Patrae Rowe’s life is led by his desire to make every interaction memorable and every confidence invested rewarding. 

The thirteen (13) years veteran in the Jamaica Constabulary Force has had many highlights in his career, among them is representing his colleagues through his years in representation with the Police Federation. He also worked with the United States Secret Service on President Barrack Obama visit to Jamaica and represented Jamaica in Brussels, Belgium to speak to the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of Countries on issues of Migration as Chairman for the reintegration Sub-Committee for NWG on International Migration & Development of Jamaica and head of the Deportee Monitoring Unit in Jamaica.  This self-motivated fitness enthusiast believes a healthy organization will be a more productive organization.

As chairman, he is integrally involved in the strategic management of the Police Federation and is instrumental in negotiations between the Government of Jamaica and the Federation. Detective Sergeant Rowe previously held the post of General Secretary and Director of Legal Affairs of the Jamaica Police Federation.

Detective Sergeant Rowe is the holder of a Law Degree from the University of Technology and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from the National Police College of Jamaica. 

Detective Sergeant Patrae Rowe motivates himself daily with the following principle – “My life is worth absolutely nothing if others do not benefit from my efforts.”